Cleveland RTX 3.0 BLD Wedge 54 Deg SB Modus 105 Stiff

Cleveland RTX 3.0 BLD Wedge 54 Deg SB Modus 105 Stiff

The Cleveland RTX 3 Black Wedge has a stunning appearance and three new innovative technologies that will reduce your dispersion and improve spin and ball control.

Feel Balancing Technology – Cleveland have moved the CG closer to the centre of the wedge face to maximise stability and decrease vibration at impact. They have done this by creating a microcavity inside the hosel and shortening the hosel. This 9 gram weight saving will give you maximum control and tighten dispersion.

New V Sole Grinds – A V shape on the sole creates more leading edge bounce that will reduce turf interaction for a crisper feel and more consistent head speed through the ball that will then increase spin and ball control.

Three tour grinds are available in the RTX 3 Tour head, the V-LG is the narrowest low bounce sole that will give you maximum versatility. The V-MG is the mid bounce sole that will appeal to golfers playing on varying turf conditions and the V-FG features a forgiving full sole design with more trailing edge relief.

New Rotex Face – Cleveland have used a new Tour Zip Groove technology which have deeper, narrower U shape that will help in varying conditions. The lower lofted wedges feature a straighter 2-pass milling pattern that will increase friction when hitting full shots into greens and the higher lofted wedges features an angled pattern to optimise open-face shots.

The face of the Rotex 3.0 wedges are all precisely laser milled to roughen the surface so that more friction is created between ball and clubface.

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